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Translation and Localization ServicesI firmly believe translation is a craft which requires human flair, passion, care, experience, research, skill and attention to detail, and that’s exactly my approach to it as a translator.

That said, I mainly offer translation and localization services from English into Italian. Editing and proofreading can be discussed and arranged within the scope of a long term collaboration, as translation quality may vary greatly based on the translators (or translation teams) who handled it, so much so that sometimes what should be a proofreading or editing task might actually end up requiring extensive checks and retranslation. Also, I do not offer “post-editing” of machine translation (aka PEMT or MTPE) as a service for the reasons mentioned above, and also because if you need creativity, then machine translation is definitely not the way to go…

So, to recap and expand a bit:

  • Localization of video game, mobile app, software and website content into Italian, with due care to standard terminology and phrasing, HTML code, variables, placeholders, character length restrictions, address forms, user gender and so on. Particular focus on games localization, which usually requires all of the above (and more), in addition to creativity and the ability to craft natural, captivating and fluent copy in the target language;
  • Translation and adaptation of “creative” English texts (also “transcreation”), such asĀ  marketing/advertising or tourism copy, in order to convey the same meaning and nuances as the source texts in a natural, engaging and fluent manner in Italian, while using whatever field-specific terminology may be necessary in each specific case;
  • Translation of technical copy, with a greater focus on industry terminology and phrasing, while retaining naturalness and fluency in Italian.

So, if you need any of the above, feel free to get in touch to discuss it.

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Mirko Mainardi